myplant bio – The next-generation dental implant

Dear patient,

Anyone who loses a tooth wants an aesthetically pleasing, functional and long-lasting replacement that restores quality of life, nonchalant laughter and enjoyment when eating – or even kissing. With their artificial tooth roots, dental implants are the ideal option for regaining a natural tooth feeling.

The number of dental implants inserted annually as the preferred treatment method to deal with tooth loss has been growing for over 20 years. Implant-based restorations are now increasingly supplanting conventional tooth replacement. They range from individual teeth and bridges to restoration with fixed implants in the event of toothlessness.

In the last three decades, dental implantology has continuously evolved and improved, largely as a result of significant technical advances. Titanium is an established material, and ceramic has also been growing in popularity recently.

Both materials have had their effectiveness scientifically examined and proven in many studies, and their properties have advantages as well as drawbacks.

Consequently, when developing the myplant bio implant system, the best properties of both materials were combined by pairing the outstanding mechanical properties of a titanium implant with the biological benefits of a ceramic implant, resulting in the next generation of dental implants.

myplant bio –
Ahead of its time.

The rising demand from patients for an implant-based restoration concept that meets the highest biological standards and provides metal-free restoration – while maintaining titanium’s excellent properties in terms of stability and durability – prompted myplant GmbH to develop myplant bio.

Consequently, myplant bio is the first dental implant system to combine the advantages of a mechanically stable titanium implant with the tissue-friendly properties of a biocompatible ceramic protective coating.

This enabled German engineers to combine the best of both worlds and develop the myplant bio, a next-generation hybrid dental implant that delivers everything patients expect of a modern dental implant.

High-tech surface finish
with bioceramic.

With a surface finish developed and produced in Germany, all myplant bio implants and abutment sections receive a bioceramic high-tech surface that is tissue-friendly and ensures that no metal particles can become detached from the implant and enter the human body.

In addition, the high-strength ceramic composite surface prevents the possibility of chemical corrosion of metal, which can arise in conventional titanium implants.

The impressive biocompatible properties of this ceramic surface finish make the myplant bio implant system ideally suited for all patient groups – including patients with a titanium intolerance.

ensures safety.

The combination of a titanium implant and a biological ceramic surface has considerable benefits.

With its bacteria-proof and micro-movement-free implant abutment connection, the conical design of the myplant bio provides a high level of stability. This stable connection keeps the hard and soft tissue healthy for a long time, ensuring high-quality, aesthetically pleasing results for patients on a lasting basis.

Compared with all-ceramic implants, the stability of the titanium material used in the myplant bio has the advantage that the risk of breakage of the implant or of the abutment section is considerably reduced, even when chewing heavily or biting on hard substances (e.g. a cherry stone).


With the myplant bio implant system, full insulation of the titanium core with a bioceramic high-tech surface ensures an abrasion- and corrosion-resistant composite surface both on the implant body and on the abutment section.

Consequently, inflammations, intolerances or allergies that can be caused by the detachment of metal particles from the implant surface do not occur with myplant bio, as the ceramic composite surface used is totally resistant to detachment and abrasion. Studies have shown that the ceramic surface of myplant bio is extremely biocompatible and, with a biocompatibility index of 1, is superior to that of titanium implants.

Ceramic surface
ensures durability.

With myplant bio, all common restoration options can be implemented – from individual teeth and bridges to restoration with fixed implants in the event of toothlessness.

In addition, if the implant is kept inflammation-free through targeted oral hygiene and check-ups, a myplant bio dental implant can last a lifetime and take on the function of the natural dental root.