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The myplant two system

The concept of a two-phase titanium implant with special expansion thread and self-locking cone as abutment connection was developed by Prof. Dr. med. dent. Nentwig and Dr. Ing. Moser 30 years ago and brought to clinical maturity. High primary stability, minimum construction height, a micro-movement-free and bacteria-proof implant-abutment connection as well as a deep platform switching soon proved to be a superior combination in terms of achievable bone and soft-tissue stability, thereby ensuring exceptional long-term success.

With the myplant two implant system, Prof. Nentwig and Dr. Moser have further advanced and optimised this concept, which has been documented over decades, and adapted it to the criteria of modern, future-oriented implant therapy.

We, as myplant GmbH, have made it our mission to provide the patients and users of myplant two with an implant system that ensures the best possible conditions for achieving long-term implant success with lasting hard- and soft-tissue stability.

With more than 30 years of dental implant manufacturing and development competence as well as many years of experience in the commercialisation of implants, Niche Dentistry Suppliers LTD represents an alliance that gives the user the reassuring feeling that myplant two is a long-term functional, mechanically stable, as well as tissue-compatible and sophisticated aesthetic solution. myplant two .

myplant two implants

myplant two implants are available in three diameters, each in five different lengths. Due to the practice-oriented graduation of implant sizes, the system is suitable for all indications in dental implantology, even in difficult bone situations.

The various implant diameters can be quickly and reliably identified, thanks to the letter- and colour-coding system. The corresponding instruments for implant bed preparation are identified using the same colour coding.

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